She likes me… She likes me not….

Attention single guys! Are you searching for a casual fling or a girlfriend? Do you have difficulty getting the hint when a girl is attempting to tell you – without actually telling you, of course – that she’s not bore? Ladies can be perplexing, but you can usually figure out whether they have an interest in you, if you pay close attention to the way in which they act. Keep reading for a helpful guide to understanding how a girl shows she’s curious.

Signs a girl likes you


Let’s beginning with something easy: the way a woman talks. You undoubtedly have to pay attention to she ’s saying it and what she’s saying, if you’re trying to flirt with a lady. Every woman is different, but many women are just as nervous as you are when flirting. Her voice can betray if she seems apprehensive that nervousness –, it’s a guaranteed indication she’s excited about what might occur!

If she laughs, you’re making progress! A woman interested in you may laugh and smile a lot while you’re discussing. Nevertheless, try and center the conversation on her, not yourself. Ladies like to talk about themselves and they enjoy men who listen. Ask short questions about her to get her talking.

A woman who asks about hobbies and your plans is attempting to figure out if the two of you have anything in common. Finally, allowing you to know she’s single is a huge sign your puppy love is searching for some romance.


Dilated pupils are a huge indication that a female is attracted to the guy with whom she’s speaking. Furthermore, making eye contact with your crush allows you to seem strong and assured – just makes sure not to stare (that’s creepy!).

She might be looking at your eyes and look away when you make eye contact. If she’s always looking at you when you’re occupied with other tasks a good sign she likes you is. Other girls will gaze straight into your eyes while speaking. It’s a surefire sign she’s not interested, if a girl gives a curious, inquisitive look to you when you approach.


Body language is perhaps the most important class. The way while you’re around a woman sits, stands, and moves can function as biggest giveaway to what she’s thinking. Next time you’re at the pub chatting with that adorable girl you’ve seen a couple of times, look that she’s into you:

  • She leans in towards you
  • Her legs usually are not crossed
  • She smiles as soon as you start speaking with her
  • She embraces you randomly
  • She “accidentally” bumps into you
  • She finds excuses to touch you
  • She turns her torso/hips towards you
  • She touches or bites her lips
  • While speaking with you she plays with her hair


Pay attention to them also if she’s with a group of friends. Occasionally a female will test by finding out if he gets along with her buddies ” a prospective boyfriend. Be considerate and friendly, but do not flirt with her pals. She’s told them that she’s interested in you if you notice her buddies giggling and are looking at you! Your crush may have been talking about you, if you approach several girls and the dialogue very suddenly quits.

Offer her your jacket, if your crush says she’s cold. This is a chivalrous actions that she will value. In addition, it enables her to be closer to you. Similarly, if she looks like she needs help with a task or ’s attempting to carry something heavy, offer to help her out! Opening the door for her is a good idea too. Click here if you might have questions about flirting in work environment.

Did you texting to flirt and know that women also use social media? Below are some ways a girl will try to flirt with you digitally:

  • Sending you a link to some video or post you talked about once
  • Listening to bands you enjoy that you’ll discover
  • Tagging you commonly in posts
  • Texting you something random just to start a dialog


If you’ve just flirt4Although this mightn’t use met, it’s important to know how your puppy love acts around other men. Ladies that are assured will flirt with men they don’t have any intent of being intimate with. They’ll flirt with their close guy friends. Girls in this way are a little more difficult to read.

This isn’t a good idea. If your puppy love sees you giving attention to another girl, she’s going to quickly suppose she has no chance, get envious, think you’re a player that is “,” or just plain ignore you.

Chivalry is alive, but it may be dying. Although I said before that opening the door is advisable, don’t do this type of thing constantly. An excessive amount of aid could make her feel like she has been babied. It’s also significant not to be overly romantic in the beginning; surprising her isn’t sweet, it’s creepy.

Don’t over-assess a woman’s behaviour. Yes, there are signs and subtle hints, but don’t assume that each small thing means something! Did you presume because she didn’t like your joke her frown was? Perhaps her tummy was hurting. Men have a tendency to read into the little things too much. Make sure to relax. Maintaining a comfortable, confident attitude is one of the greatest means to attract a woman’s focus. Click here for more tips about how to flirt with women.


Next time you’re trying to find out whether or not a woman is interested in you, make sure to pay attention she says it, the way she moves, and the way she handles you and what she says. By following the above advice, you shouldn’t have any trouble figure out if it’s time to take the plunge and ask her on a date. Ladies, if you’re reading, watch this video for tips about the best way to grab a man’s focus.